They Are Everywhere!

I try to stay away from stupid people because I cannot help but to let them know that I think that they are stupid. Then they get their feelings hurt. I do not consider myself to be a harsh judge but when people do the same dumb things over and over again and then wonder why they get the same unpleasant result, I move them to the stupid people classification.
Unfortunately, the trend today is to automate everything and to provide little training in logical thinking. So many people would be totally lost without cell phones or the internet. Text speak is teaching them to spell incorrectly. Texting and Facebook are leading them away from appreciating real face to face human contact. I'm afraid that if the power goes out for any length of time many of the stupid people will die. Perhaps I shall pull the plug.
tomt88101 tomt88101
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1 Response Nov 24, 2010

All i can say to this really is "i agree" lol Though i wouldn't go as far as to tell someone they are stupid!!!, i try not to judge and i am not someone who intentionally causes a bit of an uncomfortable situation", so i have learned to keep quiet and not offend!!,. Doesn't really matter to me as long as they don't hurt me! they can be as "stupid" as they like!!! <br />
Thank you! for sharing!, my friend!!!