Step Out Now and Again

I am realizing some things about myself over the past year, for so long I stayed inside the nice safe box.   I didn't push things past the comfort zone and when I found something I could live with I got comfortable and excepted it and hoped it didn't change.  The issue is everything changes, I can't live in my "safe box" with the flaps closed and hope everything stays the same, because it never will.  When I am working out I push my self, a little faster, little harder, and a little farther, but now I have to do this in other parts of my life.  Interesting revelation now the hard part is putting into actions. 

loopnscc loopnscc
46-50, M
1 Response Nov 14, 2008

Stepping outside the box is scary and exciting. Sometimes you find things that work, other times you don't. I've found that the times I've stepped out of the box, I've never been disappointed. The results aren't always optimal, but I find solace in that I had the courage to try. <br />
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You are doing great, Loop. You've already stepped out of the box a few times, you just didn't notice it.