Life Outside the Box

I've stepped outside the box more times than I can count this year and I can honestly say, that no matter what the result, my only regrets have been when I've chosen to stay within it. 

I didn't join EP to actually meet people and never dreamed I'd make friends, however, that is exactly the result I derived.  You see, for me, joining was stepping out of the box. 

The results of this one simple action have been profound.  I've made a ton of friends, many who are now part of my physical world.  As a matter of fact, one in particular has become my best friend.  It's been years since I've had someone that I could refer to in that manner. 

I've yet to step outside the box with marriage, and that is something I regret everyday.  I'm so close.  One foot is in the box and the other is out.  Every time I work at pulling my second foot out, something happens that makes me jump back inside, pull down the flaps and remain in my safe, albeit very dark and lonely world. 

None of us know what the result of our actions will really be.  We can guess, but there are a million factors involved.  What I do know is this.  For good or ill, each and every time I step outside my comfort zone, I feel a sense of pride in having at least made the effort.

Life outside the box can be scary, but then again, it can be wonderful.  Or, it can just be.  The possibilities are boundless.  I would love to have the courage to do it more often.

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Oh Loop if there is ever a time I get myself into trouble, it's when I'm bored, and truth be told, with as much as change scares the hell out of me, I abhor stagnation and boredom. So, everyday I find some small way to step out of the box. Right now, I'm looking for answers that will allow me to get out of this marriage without being slaughtered financially. For that, I most definitely need to step outside the box.

Change is a hard thing to deal with, but life is always changing. We sometimes stay in the box because it's the only place that's not changing, but then life get boring and routine, we stop growing inside our box. I think to be a complete person we need to constantly be growing, changing and reinventing ourselfs. We can't do this closed off inside the box.

Thank you Myonis and yes Lou, I agree with K95724 also. <br />
Guess it's time to shop for some new boots, huh? LOL

To me, K95724 is right. Inside the box is only familiar, so much so that even pain is something that is not easlily let go of. There can be no "beyond" to life inside, only the certainty of being contained. In time, there is only to trade one box for the last box, the one with handles.<br />
<br />
The adventure is out here where we can make mistakes and find our way to not repeat them and struggle with others.

You are VERY courageous, IDM. Just unfolding the flaps of the box is brave. Think how sad the world would be if everyone fell victim to their fears and never took a risk. I think you are a wise woman who is doing amazing things for yourself and others - outside the box! Now put on your stompin' boots and jump hard!

I like the way you think K95724!!!

It's all about fear, Firey. We fear what we don't know. Think about women who stay in abusive relationships. Although they know that they will get physically or emotionally abused daily, they fear what will happen if they leave. Sometimes, they fear that given a better life they won't know how to live it, or that they may get it, and then lose it. Sometimes it's as simple as having the power to make a choice that they fear. No matter how you slice it, it's fear.<br />
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Fear is a powerful motivator and so very difficult to get past.<br><br />
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Thank you for the compliment.

So true, Gary, so true.