Self- Constructed

It's made out of beliefs and habits and expectations and some likes and dislikes. Every once and again though, i run to it's wall and out of  boredom or sheer frustration i poke a hole in it and see the outside ;)          

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7 Responses Nov 30, 2009

Sometimes it is a relief to step outside the box. I enjoyed this story trailguide, Thank You.

Juan..right now, i see wide open space! But i am sure new habits, new belifs, new expectations and likes and dislikes are lurking somewhere ;)<br />
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Hehehe..b. I poked a hole, i am going through it...for better or worse *grin*

Lady TG<br />
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The world outside your box is not at all prettier than your world.<br />
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hehehe<br />
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love<br />

what do you see through the hole?

Feels like fun. :)