I Need To Stop Being Paranoid

I'e had bad childhood and not many happy memories. Happy memories I can count on one hand, let's put it that way.

So whilst taking a walk in woods today with bf I got all teary. It were the first happy moment I'd experienced in years. It took me back to my childhood. When I had a few happy days of running, as a child, through woods; feeling free; uninhibited.  It brought it all back.

I'm in a new relationship yet I'm already paranoid. I over analyse everything he says.  He said to me other night 'oh, I'll have to watch what I say to you'. Which I hate! I don't want to feel like he has to walk on egg shells but I'm already giving off that impression! I want this relationship to work but feel like I'm already in the trap of being paranoid.

Any advice guys? x

katt261 katt261
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1 Response Mar 10, 2010

So, what can you do to be happier?