True Words False Words

I wrote this poem about my ex bf, because we recently broke up but it was so much harder than it had to be. In his last message, cuz I blocked him and am completely removing him from my life, he basically just went off on me. Called me a terrible person, said I don't care about anyone, etc etc just went off on me. It was hard to hear some things, cuz I definitely know i'm not perfect. Knowing i'm not perfect is what i'm fully aware of and is a feeling I have a hard time escaping.
When I wrote this, I was thinking about how he confuses me, how he is trying to make me turn on myself even and a part of me feels that and listens to it, wonders if I am only ever going to hurt people. I hate self doubt

True Words False Words

You are making me pay for the pain
cuz you know nothings ever gonna be the same, you just wanna make me feel lame

We both spilled our hearts
we both spit out fire
but you are still left with a hurtful desire

deceit, feelingless, selfish and hate
all words YOU used in your debate

I still love you that feeling won't go away
but its hard for me to keep my thoughts at bay
I just needed a gentler way

Doubt of all kinds fill my mind
true words false words
what thoughts fill my time

my pain is great, but yours is greater
did I ever feel, or no and you just found out later

You question me, I question myself
but these questions i've learned aren't good for my mental health

what more could I do, we both did our best
i've always loved you its the unrest that is messed

true words false words whats on my mind
who cares
understanding is lacking and i'm just doing jail time
ForgetHate ForgetHate
26-30, F
1 Response Nov 30, 2012

Breaking up always hurts but eventually you recover he is just wants to hurt you so you feel his pain it ended for a reason don't over think it

Thanks! Im still trying to understand if I really am always the problem

No you're not it just feels that way cos you are the one who cared more so you feel like its your fault when things go wrong.