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now ure probally thinking,., HA. and watever comes after that :-P either way i know im coming off a little strong on this topic, and will b hypocritcal too cuz one ,,, i cant do it alone, and 2 i barely even do stuff right now thats needed to b done let alone sometime nearly impossible........ since when,,,

since when i ask did the world decide OUR FATE,,,,, when ppl invented currency,,,,,, we used to bargain with sheep and chickens ect... wat happened,, oh yeah we got GREEDY, joe said i want wat mike has and lacy said i want it even bigger than wat i already got that sherry already got...............

be clear im not asking for world peace, its impossible, human need chaos,,,,,,,,,, however since when did this as shole in front of me say hey! get up and go to work, go work for us and make us money u lousy worker ant,,, and even when u have money to get into power URE STILL A PUPPET.... puppet to the system,, ure still spreading and distributing money,,,,,,, uhhhhhhh, i dont want to just talk bout working for the "man" cuz i know on a huge scale of populous there HAS to b some form of organization, its all bout resources,,,

watever happened to just needing food in ure belly, healthy drinking water, and a damned roof over ure head,,,,


y do we need these things y do we have to prove whos better than the other in measurements of money!!!!!!!! is this how we compete for FITTEST OF SURVIVALIST TO KEEP OUR SPECIES IN TIP TOP SHAPE!!!!!!!!!!

ok lets b realistic,,,,,,,, i know we HAVE to have most of these things i guess,, my MAIN CONCERN AND RANTING is OUT of ALL these THINGS in LIFE,,,,,, Y r PPL getting UGLYerrrrrrrr INSIDE, even if everyones saying f uck it.

WE NEEEEEEEEEEEEED MORE VOICES TO NOT SAYYYYYYYYYY BUT DOOOOOOOOOO SHOW PPL amongst this world and change for the better,,,, better attitudes

the world needs to compromise. i can not xpress this correctly which is y i prob. make no sense and sound too much like a hippie wishing for world peace..... but seriously

this world will get wat it asks for (well its happening anyway and has most likely for a while now) i just hope im not living in the worst part of this worlds life.
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lol, yeah i guess out of my ranting thats the jist of it.... but its not only money is evil, its OUR ways today... honestly i still use technology and other forms of modern times,, but with the attitudes we've been morphidly progressing grotesquely i'd rather live in the times before industrialization.... but thanks u much, il look up that name and c wat shes bout. :-)

hummmm ----- so, what I gather is that you believe that greed is the root of all evil and that you wish more people were not so 'me, me, me' oriented. Is that a fair assessment? <br />
<br />
If I'm hearing you right, then you must be ready to hear 'The Secret'. <br />
<br />
There is a DVD by that name by Rhonda Byrne that will tell all that you are seeking to know.

i know i keep talking bout money too, but wat if we actualy got rid of it?? could we compromise or would there b utter chaos... s hit everyone should work for their own damn product,,, OR B FORCED TO LEARN HOW TO ACTUALLY BUILD SOMETHING INSTEAD OF CONSUMING IT!!!!