Trying To Be Her Hero, And Be My Daughters Hero Instead

I needs to stop worrying about everyone else, and start worrying more about myself and my child. For the longest time, I have been giving all my time to a lost-cause. I know that is very harsh to say, but it is true. You can only do so much for someone.. I dont want to give up, but I have no choice now. I need to just worry more about my child, she deserves all my time, and lately I have been trying to let her know that what I am doing is trying to save someone from really bad things. She understands, but I can tell that she misses me. She sometimes ask me why I have to be the one to save her.. and honestly I sit there and I think about it.. all I come up with is..if I dont then who will. I just need to let go of someone that isnt going to change she is to set in her ways, I thought that there was hope but she has proven to me that she doesnt want to change somethings. At least I can be happy to know that she is not on drugs for now...
hellontheheart hellontheheart
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2 Responses May 6, 2012

Take care of yourself and your child first , its OK to try to help others if you had the means to do it.

She's been lost for so long... it's almost impossible to get on track... This is very sad... but you have to do what's necessary to be strong for your child...