Target: An Almost Perfect Score

i hate cramming but i just always end up doing so.

i need to really get a high grade for the next long exam and on the finals to pass a really hard subject.

i really hate this situation i am on but i know that hating this won't change things. 

i am starting to hate myself but i have learned from previous experiences that it could only knowing make things worse.

i need motivation. right now, i just want to fill my room with post-its saying i should study. i know i really should but i am not mentally and emotionally prepared. 

iamwired21 iamwired21
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 9, 2010

hey I am feel down on myself as well,,,I am suppose to be writing a paper on the history of psychology,,,I am feeling like I made a mistake going back to school,,,I am afraid I have lost my desire to exsell in learning,,,,which I am not real sure that what I just said is really whats going on,,,,I dorped my first class which was philosophy,,,,,we had just got out of two math class and no writing papers there,,,so now I have to get into the history of others and what they contributed to their different fields,,,which to me five weeks to whip though philosophy is a over load on my mind,,,,gave me a headache,,,,I have read my first three chapters now I need to think about writing,,,and I just don't know why I can't get started,,,before the math classes I was doing great in write on all kinds of topics,,,,I don't know what I can do ,,,,well I hope you do well on your test,,,Love and Light Mary