My Love Hate Relationship With Myself

I am going to spell it out in simple terms for right now.

I do not get adequate sleep.When I worked, I had issues falling to sleep at night. I was working 50-60 weeks, drinking coffee and a lot of tea. So I am sure the caffeine was an issue. I had insomnia and my doctor prescribed a sleeping aid, it did not work. He upped the dosage, it did not work. I could not get my mind to shut off. So I basically gave up.

Fast forward to the present. I will stay up, reading or messing around on the computer. This causes me to want to sleep during the day. So then I can't fall to sleep the next night. When I do try to go to bed at a decent hour 9 or 10 o'clock the rest of the house, refuses to cooperate. They will make noise, either the son is downstairs playing the games to loudly, his father, has the tv up to loud, or he is constantly going in and out of the house to go smoke a cigg. My room is right off of the kitchen, living room and right by the front door. So this prevents me from going to sleep, or I just about get to sleep and someone just barges into the Master bedroom. So then I want to sleep during the day, which makes it difficult to go to sleep at night. I have gone 72 hours without sleep and insomnia tends to stick around. The doctor has prescribed a really good sleep aid and it works, but I will become use to it and have to stop using it. So the insomnia starts and the cycle begins all over again.

Not sleeping and sleeping during the day, prevents me from eating like a I should.I don't eat breakfast, even though I have been trying to make toast when I make breakfast for the girls before they go to school. But I generally do not eat it or lunch. I basically exist on one meal a day right now. I also do not drink enough liquids. I have been taking some medication that requires me to drink lots of water, or face the wrath of kidney stones. For the first two months I did a wonderful job, always had a large glass of water with me and drank probably a 8-10 glasses of water a day. The last few weeks, I have not been doing that at all. I have been sick and have been lax on my fluid intake.

I know the above probably does not make a lot of sense to most of you but here is the cliff notes version.

1. I need proper sleep - which means a proper bed time. If I need to nap during the day, it needs to be a proper nap, not 4 hours or more.
2. I need to eat balanced meals a day along with healthy snacks to keep me going.
3. Get active, when I get better.

Simple steps, I don't have to have the cycle of ruin anymore.
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2 Responses May 6, 2012

U just have to be strong. U can do it.

Good morning M. I have seen others with this issue and I myself had this problem for a while till I had to teach Myself how to go to sleep. I'm sure you have tried earplugs and white noise generators. Plus you could just take a club to anyone that disturbs your sleep(kidding). I hope you can get the schedule that you know you need to live in operation for yourself. Good luck. Have a great day wench. Master1A