Need To Talk To A Stranger

Hey, I'm going through a really hard time at the moment, and feel like I can't talk to any of my friends truthfully about whats happened to me, in fear of people finding out things I don't want others to know. I guess I can't really trust anyone to keep quiet about things, my boyfriend helps, but we're fighting a lot at the moment because of it, so I feel like its easier to not say anything and pretend to be happy. He lives quite far away at university, so its quite easy to hide my emotions. I'd really like just a stranger to talk to, that can give me some advise, and make me feel slightly sane again. I feel like I'mgenuinally depressed at the moment.

18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 3, 2010

i hv read n reread ur plight... believe it or not , people may be around you seemingly very easy going n lesser of problems of their own . do u think you can take things at face values? think again . time is one thing people they have.. n pretend they synchronize and understand you side out , whereas the best person understand you the best is either YOU or at the most people in your family ( ur ma , ur siss, ) think n sit for some time all by urself n think deeply . u ll discover .... ur perspective are best understood by u n no one else.. silence.. for a while gives u a vision with no one any ways can understand or deliver,..... believe in ur self, n believe it ,. setbacks or betrayal are also your own, you can learn n rectify as per your own accordance . i know the urge to reach out to some one will be very strong... hold it with strong resolve, n see the change . MEDITATE BESIDES URSELF , SEEK FOR INSIGHT WITHOUT DOUBT .... the outcome wl always be in ur favour,, without compromising ur self respect
the outcome ( if its all the worth) T.C.

Hey, what's going on? I've been through a lot and am sure I can relate.