What Should I Do For My Depressed Girlfriend... Im Lost

ive been with my girlfriend happily for 3 almost 4 months, but before this winter season started she warned me that she gets really depressed around this time of the year and i just looked over it, i figured i could handle some depression im good at cheering people up. but i guess i thought that because i had never dealt with depression before. it started with a bang as it seemed, she began acting more and more sad all the time, no matter what cute, generous or romantic things i did, and it was getting annoying. she was starting to complain about losing friends, and she dwells so much on her friends sometimes it makes me feel like im a nobody because she can act uncaring to me so easy when she can worry about how many friends she has, we talked about it for awhile she explained that i was the only one she could actually act depressed around because she was so comfortable with me and i basically called bullshit, so we cleared some **** up that we were both feeling and things began to improve a little bit, the past few days leading up to today everything seemed like it was during the summer when she was a happy sociable person all the time with a **** it attitude that loved to make me happy, and then yesterday we hung out for a long time after she got out of school because she wanted to get some sleep that night, so we had an amazing time all night until she went home. after she left i went to a friends house and we went to another town a half hour away to see his brother. so she texts me later that night at like 10:00 and says she wants to chill again and to pick her up at 11:15 but my friend is taking so ******* long that we dont get back into town until midnight, and she goes right from the happy girl trying to please me, to depression just like that *snap... when we finally hung out that night i asked her why she even stayed up i told her we were going to be late and to go to sleep but she wouldnt, she wanted to see me, and all we did when we hung out was talk about why she was pissed and she said she wasnt pissed at me she was just lonely... there are just so many questions i have its crazy what should i do with this girl
anon975 anon975
Nov 29, 2012