I have this weird dream last night. I need help to figure it out.

It was an event there were chaperone's like when you were younger and you'd go on a field trip and you will have one parent with you then all your friend, but we were at this old abandon house it looked like it was a beatiful house but now burnt down.

My mom was one of the adults there and she had me and my group the adults had to pick one person from there group the picked people lined up they were all young little kids about 5-10 lined up then these soldier type people lined up and shot the kids then we picked another set of kids and they beat them up, then another and they put a needle in there arm and put some type of liquid and all died. They kept doing that until there was just one kid in the group wich it was the adults kids. I ran away

then I remember seeing this blonde girl go to my upstairs to find this little blonde hair blue eyed child scared and hiding somewhere there were stuff knocked down everywhere. She took the little kid and ran away trying to get out of the place.

Next thing I know im standing somwhere around the road I tried to talk to someone but they tried to kill me. They were mental, and something diffrent about them. I saw my mom and dad and hugged them told them I loved them and they got into a vehicle and told me to be safe. I got into a vehicle with my friend and went with him with the weird people around us.

Im kinda scared about this dream, Please tell me what this means.

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1 Response Jan 19, 2013

Dreams are focused on how you have been feeling very recently and there is a lot of information into their analysis.
If you were to set out your dream, it happens a stage at a time and revolves around the idea you feel unable to help the children, this then turns and you become reliant on your parents - I'm not going to be able to do this fully, but if you'd like me to then send me a message.
Psychologically this is what you are thinking;
- Just the idea you think it's a field trip means you feel out of a comfort zone or in an unfamiliar environment.
- a once beautiful house could just be your like for pretty things with the knowledge that things change. Or, you could be in the realisation that things have recently changed
- you're old enough to understand children are almost completely dependent on others, so the entire section involving them and soldiers is that you could be worried about someone closer to you that you feel depends on you, maybe a friend has come to you for help or a sibling?
- Lastly, the fact the children get typed up before being shot is just supporting the last point.. Why would you tie up someone that you have complete control over?
I think all it is, is that you feel someone has relied on you for help the same way you needed your parents - this kind of dream isn't one that normally reoccurs, but if you want anymore information send me a message or email :)
Hope it helped, you don't have anything to be scared of, the littlest of things can effect our subconscious which is what makes our dreams!