My Fiances Friends

I am getting married in April. I am a bisexual female who found this sweet guy. Adam and I have known each other for about 2 years and have been engaged for about a year of that time. He has been nothing but caring and loving. He shows me affection and tries to take care of me.
Adam has at least 3 female friends. All of which he has known prior to knowing me. 2 of them are pretty obnoxious but i try to be civil because they are his friends. We have gotten into arguments in the past about their attitudes. So, I just try not to talk about them much.
I finally meet the 3rd friend a few weeks ago.
She is actually really cool and i like her a lot. However there is always something to a story.
We all went out to a club in Miami recently when i found out that they went to a concert together. The same concert he told me that he went to with his nerdy male buddy that we hardly ever see. Now, it seemed as thought she thought he told me because she just mentioned it without resistance and then when i stated you went to and they looked at each other, i realized that they went together. He tried to cover it up by saying that she went to a different show but i know that wasn't try since she didn't say something right away and it took a while.
I'm having a very hard time with the fact that he came up with this elaborate lie. I am the most reserved of any woman ever and I think if he would have introduced us at the same time as he did the other 2 friends, he could have told me and it would have been fine. But something is really bothering me about the fact that he has to lie to me and I do not know if i should address it more then I already have. I sent him a message after stating exactly this "I'm gonna tell u now, shes cool and i like her as a friend. I do think its ****** up that u lied to me about the concert and going with Jessy that would have never gone to something like that. I believed you because Ive always trusted you. But its not her fault, its urs. I'm I wrong?" He responded with a "Wow, no doubt hunny."
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Jan 22, 2013