I Think I Have To End This Right Now

I think i have to let go the 4-year relationship me and my boyfriend had. The story was, I drank today with friends but it's ok with him if I drank.. But I still explained to him I said "I want to experience the things you do so that I can understand u" (he's a secretly drinker and that always starts our fight). So he replied with a joke he said "so u hunt girls too? are u a lesbian?" I took that seriously coz it came from his own thought (we're just texting), I thought of somthing that his response means something.. So that started the fight. I said "so u hunt girls?" **** u! I said that to him and he said "wow" and then "can't u take a joke?". That ended up the conversation.

After that I opened my laptop and browse the net.. Something triggered me to open his email account.. I know the password but he doesnt know that I know, I didn't tell him coz u know its for my investigations and everything. ( I am just the worst girlfriend ever). (maybe he's so much relaxed for he thought that i dont know anything). I did not see something new coz i often visit his email acc. until I press the account settings button, I saw another back up email, my mind formed a hint that maybe he hasa facebook account, so i tried logging in with that account, typed the password and BINGO! Im in hell. Oh ****,. I dont wanna tell anymore what ive read, all of the words there, I havent read my name even once.... so he deserve my word!

So who's next? wanna play with me azzhole?




neeki neeki
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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

First things first. A guy with a drinking problem is NEVER a good bet. A drinking problem exists when it is an ever present part of the relationship. You have shown persistence but not wisdom in staying with him so long, even if he is very wealthy.

If that is you in the avatar, you are strikingly pretty. You write with intelligence. There are many fine men who would like to be your guy, and would have fun with you as you have fun with him.

I realize you posted this very long ago, so I am hopeful that you have already rid yourself of the loser and have moved on.