Many Years Of Thinking And Sadness

I do not what I I am going to say or where I can start but every thing seems to me wrong
I have  lost my love ,,, I have not said to her what I want to say
she does not know that I still love her and think about her since she left me
one day in the past I met a gorgeous girl and I tried to make her as my girlfriend and I did
we started to talk with each other evey day and  I love her more and more however her mother found out about our relationship and she was so so angery and told her that you had to stop talking with me ,,and I didnot know even why and my girlfriend broke up evrerything as her mother wanted .
I have tried to talk with her many times and I have not done anything which is bad .
Do I deserve that ...or it is just my luck
furthermore,,,every single day I dream of her think about her and when I listen to music I think  a singers talk about me so I start crying
I donot know did she use to love me or does she still love me and thind about me...        I am about to be crazy I  have been suffering from every thing which is relative to her
I have alot of speech which I want to tell her but what can i do .
I have not expect that one day I will live without her but every thing became wrong I  will not get chance to speak and see her again
sometime we love something and try to keep it but the life damage it without any reason
I am disappointed sad and alone
I tried to manage my problem by my self but I failed failed failed
since that time nothing dose bother me
I am studing somewhere in UK and I hope to achive my last dream
I guss no one will understand what I mean unless they have experienced about that.
I used to keep this story in my chest but now I would every one help me
what should I do but it is impossible to forget her.....

humsha humsha
18-21, M
Aug 6, 2010