My Little Brother Might Be Getting Abused But I Dont Know Help

I think my step dad is abusing my 7 year old brother but I can't tell
one time my brother was playing with Sadie (our cat ) but the told him to leave her alone so mom yelled at him then he came in picked him up by the arm pits (yes it was hurting him) brought him into his room grabbed him in the back of the neck then pushed him in the back

we where getting ready to go somewhere and my brother was being slow so my step dad picked him up and shoved onto a chair while slaming my brothers leg into a corner of it really hurting him in front of us and he claimed he didnt and slapped my bro in the back of the head then called him a weakling crybaby

this is just two things that happned i was gonna put three but the other one i was gonna post my bro didnt want me to stuf like this happens everyday and he hits him as hard as he can im scared for himhe also grabs his ear so hard my bro cries and draggs him to his room hits him and leavs he also whacks him hard in the back of the head I dont know what to do is it abuse?

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So, How did it work out?

you need to be very brave and strong. Tell someone you trust, you dont need to deal with this on your own.

im So Sorry To Hear That Help Your Brother Call Some One That can Help You((:

It is definitely abuse, call child protective services. He needs to get out of that situation!