Trying To Survive

Its been a while now and many emotions bottled up. I have been supporting my family as a man needs to do to accomplish some level of dignity. As all this was going on, I forgot about me and my personal needs. After 15 years since her illness, I was taking care of my wife only to discovered i neglected  my needs once my wife left. My total ambition was to care for her and I was so consumed by this task, that once she left I was without purpose and reason. Even today 9 months later I am struggling with my attachment to my life. Focus is clear however still yet to come but I am committed to finding my stride. I guess 15 yrs cannot be fixed overnight but I do believe that I am strong because I would have giving in after the 4 operation 12 years ago. So I keep on focusing on my happiness and well being.....  Be well
sammy1707 sammy1707
May 6, 2012