When Music Dies

I have a question for anyone that reads this...... What do you do when your music dies? What do you do when you have no more inspiration? I'm a flutist in a middle school. On March 28th there was an accident and some busses passed it, well to get to the point basically in that crash died our band teacher. She was 26 and almost married..... but she never got to marry or have children. Kids on those buses saw their teacher die. Only about 80 kids in our school acctually played in the bands, but even the people that didn't know her said later that she alway's had a smile and made school feel like an open place. I never saw her mad or sad. She just smiled. I had rough days but when I walked into her classroom music reigned and she gave it to us. She was the first person to belive in me and really be insperational. She gave me something to hold on, music, know that she is gone. I wanted to quit so many times but she made me stay and make music. Someday I dream of going to Julliard and it will be because of you. The other day at a bullying prevention assembly they said you should alway's have someone to tell but what do you do when they are dead. Our band did not play for a month. So many people wanted to quit but no one did because we knew she would have wanted us to keep playing and we still are even 2 months later we cry.
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I'd say you never really lost it right now your just hurt because of what happened but just because she us gone doesn't mean she can't still be your inspiration do it for her.you said she always believed in you, well I bet she still does do it for her....I hope that helped, if you need to talk your welcome to inbox me