Im Here.

I'm always here for people that need to talk, or people that are lonely or just need or want to contact with another person. I'm here for all of that. I'll talk to you, give you advice if you want me to, and I'll do my best for you to make things better. All you need to do is contact me at ( NeedHelpD AT live. c o m) and tell me on whats wrong or e m ail me and I'll respond back as soon as I get it on my phone. I look forward to talk to you, have a good day.
PS: Im doing this because I always feel better while talking to a stranger and share stuff that I couldn't share with anyone I know personally, so I know whats you're going through and Im trying to help.
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I'd love to have someone to talk to.. if you could write me, that would be great. I'm at Hope to hear from you soon. Thank u.

thanks you are a helpful person ,me  too i'm here just to help people if i can