Lost Myself

I just wanna know if there is anyone who can help..I have lost myself so bad. Thanks to voices around me, from family and friends...i can't be  myself..I can't live out my dream...I am so lost and confused. I love art, computers, wanted to be an actress or a model, but somehow...someONE would always hold me back, or not help me. Now I feel and fear that I will be just another person in this world..my dream is to be somebody. Everytime I'd try to be ME...I got so much critisism. I just don't klnow what to do, I lost myself a loooooooooooong time ago, now people wonder why I''m sad alot, and it's cause it's hard to be happy whe you can't be YOU..
I want to be so different, the true me is so unique and just soooo sooooo fun and outgoing, but you sure couldn't tell it by lookin at me. I just hope someone reads this and helps me or prays for me...I'm so cofused and lost. People always say, "Just forget what people say...be you.", but they don't realize just how hard that can be for some people...
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I know how hard that is when you don't feel loved and supported by those around you. It does feel like all the odds are against you when no one seems to believe in you. You want your life to mean something. You want to do good things. Believing in yourself goes out the window when your family or friends get negative about your dreams. You then feel like it is hopeless and you will never get anywhere in life. <br />
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You, my young one, are the ugly duckling. Those around you can't understand you because you want better things. They probably even fear that one day you might think you are better than they are. So they may try to discourage you. It is sad when parents or siblings cripple another by cruel comments in hopes that the odd ball won't get anywhere either.<br />
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But remember what happened with the ugly duckling. It grew into a beauty swan and found other swans just like it. Have faith in yourself even when others discourage you. There are others who will have faith in you even if those who are the closest don't. Find them. It takes courage to grow beyond the crowd of doubters. They don't have the courage. I am betting you do! You can make your life whatever you want. Your dreams and aspirations are worth while. They are yours. Don't let anyone take that away.<br />

I know what this is like and I know it's hard and I'm so sorry your going through this I'm going through the same thing but I want to play my guitar in a band someday and I draw alot and my family hates it they are always putting me down but here lately I've had to learn to ignore them and just be me cause no matter how hard it is it's not as bad as being unhappy cause I can't be me.....I hope that helped you some if you'd like to talk more you are welcome to inbox me

I feel so much the same as what you are writing about. I can't bear the thought of living a "normal" life. I want to badly to make a difference, and to live my dreams, but when you don't have a single person on your side, supporting you, telling you YOU CAN, YOU WILL, YOU ARE BEYOND GOOD ENOUGH, how the hell are you supposed to do the huge things you've always dreamed of? It's true that 90% of success depends on you, but if you have none of that other 10% I honestly don't think you can do it...

Hi there. I don't think there's any advice I, or anyone, could really give you just commenting on your story. I'm sure how you're feeling is a lot more complex than what you've described. If you'd like to talk more about it or anything, I'm a pretty good listener, and who knows, I may have some insights. ;)<br />
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I think I can relate to some of what you've said. I'm a little older than you but I certainly had similar challenges in my late teens - unsure about where i wanted to go in life, but most of the time pretty sure it wasn't where everyone was telling me I should go. It's taken time to find myself and pursue my dreams, but I think I can say it's taken less time than it would have if not for a few caring people who did actually listen and support me at times.<br />
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I tried to add you but it won't let me, most likely due to privacy restrictions because you're under 18. If you'd like to chat then perhaps send me a message. If there's any way I can help, I'd like to. <br />
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I can relate a little bit to what you talk about in your story. I'm sorry you have people that discourage you from being yourself. It's true that you have to ignore what people say and be you, but those peple forgot an extra piece of advice. You can't be you in public unless you feel comfortable and good about yourself in general. <br />
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Think of it as a step by step process on blossoming into the person you know you are. It's good that you know you have alot to offer as a person, you're just having trouble bringing it out for others to see. The first step as I said earlier is feeling good about yourself and being comfortable enough. <br />
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Afterwards, take all the encouragement you have from supportive people and use that as a means to be yourself. I for one support you and hope these words encourage you, even if it's just a little :) When you let people see the best side of you, you'll attract positive people and when you meet that special someone, it's an added bonus to let that one person see the best side of you one step further ^_^