My Life Is Just Ughhhhhhh..!

Oh boy,i just want to die,my life is so UGHHHHHHHHHHHH,,,,living every moment is just becoming harder ,life is such a big pain and im been resisting this pain since ages,where do i even start with my problems? theres school problems,I dont want to study at all,i fail in every exam,with my grades ill become nothing when i grow up,ill land on the street,but i cant help it,studying is impossible for me,after 5 days is my exam,ive tried to study (im just 50kgs and stronger than only malnutritioned children) ,ive tried to study but me winning in a fight with brock lesnar is more possible than me studying for more than 6 seconds,and this is not it,my life is so boring,at school i dont get along with anybody,i dont know why i dont have the ******* confidence to say what i want to say,i just keep thinking im boring,actually im not,but i dont know why i cant say what i want to,its become so hard,at school i sit at the last bench alone and the closest kid to me is on the next row,i stay quiet at school for 8 hours with nobody to talk to,in the starting of the session,everybody tried to talk to me,but when i bored them(because i cant express myself),they stopped talking to me,now this part,i hope you get it but im damn sure you wont,its effable(not explainable),but i will say it,im not able to stop myself from not saying it,ok i was going to say it,but you wont get it,its not explainable,i dont know what to do,i cant live this painfull life anymore,i want to die
Gangbang2tuf Gangbang2tuf
1 Response Sep 9, 2012

sorry guys,english is not my native language,im indian,if i would have to write all this in hindi,i would have been much more intresting,i tried my best,i hope you dont get bored from reading this story