Why!!!! What To Do...

Hi there My name is Chris and Really have no idea why I am writing this... The short of it is I do not know what to do and just want to give up sorry if the following does not really flow very well but this is just off the top of my head. I am not the person that gives up easily. I am 37 years old with two beautiful daughters, Ireland (5), Zealand (2). However 2 years ago everything started going down hill. First I got a DWI (FYI don't ever mix a few beers with Ambiane), after that I lost a 7 year carrier at a very well known computer company due to just slacking off and well DRINKING!!! WOW!!! I do have a problem. I did realize that I was developing a problem, My wife has had her own problems in life (that is a whole different issue that requires its own thread.) and compared to how I was raised was a life in HELL!!! Anyways back to my problem...It was about two months after I lost my job that 1. I have to go to court for my DWI (with a court apt attorney) and 2. I just got a position that is pretty much my dream job also my wife got a job doing sales which she does best. So now everything should be going great... Well not really. Long story short I was heading down the same path I was previously and realized that and put my self in a 30 day program to get help.... This really did work however while in the program I ended up missing a court date ( and my lawyer for some reason didn't request a continuance, even though I let him know as soon as I admitted my self.) I learned alot in this program (probably why I am writing this). Now I stil have my job (Thankfully) However I am about to go to jail because I missed my court date. I really do not know what to do... I know I should do it for my kiddos... But really I know if I am here or not my kids will be taken care of in the best way possible... I JUST WANT TO GIVE UP!!!!!!
cdarnell78 cdarnell78
Sep 16, 2012