Is Happiness A Thing Of Fairytales?

I have been reading stories and for the first time truly thought about the fact that the person I am basically dying over may not be the person I need. Though I love him more than any other human on earth and would love nothing more for the struggle we are facing to improve our relationship instead of destroy it, I cant control that. I will try, I will put in the effort...but maybe, just maybe if this fails I will not die from my grief like I have been feeling. Its hard for me to imagine any other man in my life, and currently very disgusting to think about. But perhaps there is a happy future. Its hard to know. I want to be happy for the rest of my life but it seems like thats damn near impossible these days. I have been a wonderful person for the most part and am being crushed. Why? My mother is one of the nicest people alive and she has been cheated on and left. Why do bad things happen to good people? Is there any way that two people can truly be happy together for the rest of their lives or is it a made up concept from the 1950s? Its weird thinking that what you imagined for yourself for your whole life can be soooo off. Its hard to let the fairytale go...its hard to let go.
whydoineedasn whydoineedasn
Sep 22, 2012