Christianity V.s. Islam

I'm Christian (37f) and he is (48m) who is deeply rooted in what he believe and he has much faith in it as well as I have the same strengths about our own religions. I am tired of arguments debates discussions about who and what is the Holy Spirit are. Someone give some advices that can help me guild my nonbeliever husband understand who GOD really is?
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<p>When both parties think staunchly that they are right over matters of theology, there's not much room for logical argument. One can't debate it by sc<x>riptures, because each person's own sc<x>riptures will naturally support their own stance. The highest/deepest stance that can be claimed - although it also means detaching from the formal infallibility of one's own religion - is that one is a seeker, and that this essence referred to as the Holy Spirit and this consciousness referred to as God must, being real, transcend all that has been written or said about them....and therefore, to set it not as one book and/or tradition being right and another wrong, but as desiring the reality behind and beyond all sc<x>riptures.</p>

I'm not looking for an answer just an opinion.... thanks for yours.

This has caused Crusade. and you think people here have answers to tht? No my friend. You can fight with religion with religion. Lets humanity be your weapon. You may stood a light chance right there if you are lucky enough to choose ur husband.