Today, i was helping my mom in the kitchen. and i brought up my boyfriend (together for over a year) and she starts telling me about how she's dated and why she broke up with them. if that wasn't obvious enough, i asked what are you saying. she think i don't want to be with him but i feel like i have to be. i don't. obviously if I've been with him for this long i want to be with him. he's just a **** sometimes, that's every guy in the world. it hurt my feelings that she said that. i don't feel supported by my parents at all. my dad gives me **** because i sleep in and miss a couple classes sometimes. i sleep in because i don't sleep, because when i finally do fall asleep i want to continue. he thinks im just being lazy. really lazy. I have 3.5 gpa. Give me a break. I know this girl who has 120 absences. I have 35. i just want to feel like im not making a mistake out of my life.
justaroundthecorner justaroundthecorner
18-21, F
Dec 14, 2012