Maybe if everyone could see my thoughts. maybe i could be understood. Not to be a cliche, but aren't we all in some way? i thought this site would help. i thought counseling would help. Im done seeking it out. obviously the only one who can help me is me. well i haven't been doing a very good job. They can tell me im not doing enough, or im lazy, or selfish. that's what people think when they can't help. i don't feel happy. im not happy. Its incredible how no matter how low i feel i still have tiny shreds of hope creeping beneath my skin. its exhausting, trying to care. what for? what's the point, pleasing others just brings you to your demise. My hope still exists though. why do you think im writing this? hard to believe someone would give two ***** about my life when they have their own problems. i certainly have experienced that. 16 and i feel tired like I've lived 1000 years. well that's a long time. im tired.
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I feel the same way sometimes however im 36 years old..... your stress and depression is important.... u should write down what makes u happy or who makes u feel better and try to spend time with have a life to live and it will be mostly what u make depressed right now and i feel like my friends would not understand how i feel... i aslo know i cant share my true thoughts with any professional because they would just put me in the hosp, and take my daughter.. she is the ONLY reason im still here... i just dont want her to fel like anything was her fault... and when i look at her i know i need to focus more on her to take my mind off of the pain i feel.....