Is This What You Call Help? Calling The Police On Me

I went to ______Mental Hospital to talk to Dr. Romero, and tell him about how I was feeling, about life, about my past, and wanting to end it all.
I wanted to get some counselling and join the group see what I could do to improve, my be even get better. To get some outpatient therapy like groups
The man asked me series of question from a scale of 0 good to 10 the worst. The usual type of questions these people ask I guess:
Are you feeling depress? My reply 8
Are you anxious? My reply 7
So on and so forth.

So he asks me if I'm feeling suicidal yes and I about how I tried to OD on sleeping pills in the past. He asks me if I want to go to a mental facility, I tell him no. Ive been to one before, I got lucky it wasn't a crappy one, but I've heard of the horror stories.

Then he starts to tell me that he has to do it if he feels Im threat to my self. I politely tell him no again and leave without signing any further paper work. I was kind of getting the vibe that this guy wasn't listening. So what does he do. he tries to Baker Act me! So as I'm on my way home ________Police Department calls me. I pretend to be someone else cause I dont leave a name on my voice mail so the caller doesn't know that its me. As I round the corner I see 3 cops and fire truck in my apartment building's driveway. I panicked a bit and and I go to a friends house. By the time I came home they were gone, needless to say Im not going back to that place for help.

It's kind of funny. I understand 1 maybe 2 cops but 3 cops and a fire truck. WTF were they planning on doing with a fire truck? I mean I can understand paramedics, just in case things got nasty but a fire truck?! I figure if he tries to do it again, I'll have an attorney on his on him, if your ever in SW FL dont go to this place!!At the end of the day its just a pay check for these people.

The sad thing is I really wanted to get some help, but I will not be locked up like a criminal.
I've been abused before in the past, and I will not let someone lock me away because others hurt me.
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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

I totally understand how u feel.... i know i need the help and i know the thoughts ive been having but yes if u r hones about how u r feeling, they want to lock u up and medicate you!!!! This is why i turned to the internet.... i have friends however they would not understand my feelings and would just say get over it...... dont they know i wish i could bet over it...... smmfh