My Crazy Weird Month

OK, so this month I have been on a role of mental break downs. My birthday’s coming up in a couple of days (25 of Jan) and this month I got grounded for cussing my mom out. I know that sounds really bad, but i was in so much pain. I messed my back up somehow and my parents still made me do work. I ended up pulling it in a weird way and was laying on the ground in pain for 30mins. i got really pissed and all because my mom was the one asking me to do this work and I cussed at her while i was in pain. She’s not considering this is what people do when there hurt... I said sorry it was my first time doing it but she grounds me for a month anyway. Then I figured it couldn’t get much worse so I made her and my dad send me to a therapist. I am just not getting much better after being attacked (another story for another time). The therapist thinks I’m fine and said maybe my parents should come like that would happen.

Then about a week or two later I get mad at my brother and mom my brothers really annoying and I can't make him stop unless I hit him and my mom doesn’t like that but I don’t get in trouble go figure. I really want him to stop he’s been a pain in the *** since I was little and I can't stand it. So I snapped and he’s been pretty good since.

Then at school I get mad at this cow of a teacher who has no tastes what so ever for art. She’s and an art teach that has pretty messed up rules and ways of teaching. She’s been a sub for about a month or 2. She hands me back a paper that said a B but the teacher said she gives B's to kids that are not really trying and there works not great. I find this offensive because I want to be a comic book artist and this is as important to me as religion is to religious people. I get mad somehow and say she has poor taste in art because she doesn't agree with art is in the eyes of the beholder. It’s what she says that’s art which makes no sense. If someone try’s and does there best they should get a good grade. She sends me out of the class room because I am suspended from her class for a day. She tells me to wait out there. I then see her go back in and I see my friend Damien sneak out he asks me what’s up I said I just couldn’t stand her. He then tells me he knows what I mean that he feels like snapping at a teacher too. This kind of made me feel better because I have a crush on him and he came out to talk to me after I was freaking out. The teacher then started to call me rude when she is the one who is rude. I get mean when cornered like a fox. She’s attacking the only thing I love in the world and making it look like something you do just to please her. She then ends up saying people who have skills like my friend in the class Aya succeed and people who are like me drop out and fail because there are better artist out there and I’m not even that good. I was drawing since I was born and I made my first comic when I was 4 arts the only reason I even try in school that’s all I have to live for. Then the stupid ***** said you’re so rude in my culture as a native American were not rude. I said I am native I’m Navajo. This was racist because my skins light she figured I wasn’t (I go to a reservation school) not to mention how wrong it is to clame other races rude and yours not.

This was my month happy birthday to me I don’t know what’s up with me I am usually pretty quiet
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I get the same with my art teacher I mean you can't judge art work. I remember this one time I whent to to art museum in NY the MoMa and there was crazy stuff like a black circle on a white wall or a triangle, circle and square all in different colors an it said " kid on a bike" so there is no way that art can be qualified it makes me really mad when I get bad grades at art because how can the teacher says you are not trying your best of art can be simple and beautiful.

i totally agree with you; your pretty cool