I Think I Need to Admit It All.

Ive seen "shrinks", taken thier pills and lied to them saying i feel better just to get out of there. Fact is they had no chance of helping me when i couldnt bare to expose the whole truth, i cant bare to let someone see me for who i am. These days im trying to help myself, by myself. I just need to tell someone, one person my story be cause i need honest reactions, honest thoughts, honest insights. I need to hear the good and the bad, I dont want someone to sugarcoat thier real thoughts, I need a reality check. And id also like to hear your story too and ofcourse i will offer the same, an honest true perspective. If your arent affraid to let someone hear the reall truth, please message me. Im not looking for encouragement or someone "walking on eggs shells" because thats what i get from my friends.

So if you need to talk, im here. =]


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I know I'm years off from this post, but I'm here to listen now.

I have found it very helpful talking to others. There are people on EP that can relate to about anything that you may be experienceing. Hoping you make a friend connection. love2day

im here too if u need to talk to anyone.

I'd love to listen and share too. I think a lot of problems can be helped by having people to talk to about them, not necessarily people who are shrinks. I've been prescribed anti-depressants a couple of times, but I don't think I'm depressed so I haven't taken them other than a few days one time. I'd rather my doctor listen to me, or refer me to someone like a life coach than medicate me. I can't say if medication is right for you or not, but if you feel it's not right for you, then looking for another way to work through whatever issues there are is better than ignoring that there are issues. And it seems like we all have issues. It's part of being human.