I Need To.

I need to let it out... I need to let go... my worlds crashing down at an incredible speed .I feel like I can’t take no more... I don't wanna give up and I don't wanna give in... I need to fight need to stay strong. But how much stronger can I be... if everybody takes pieces of me... I feel incomplete like a puzzle whose pieces are lost... I need a hug...I need a kiss… I need to know somebody will catch me because I know I’ll fall... I need to think… I need to talk… I need to know somebody cares.. I need to know who I am... Who I am not and who i want to be.. I’m tired of testing my strength... I need a break but I don’t wanna go... Can’t even imagine what it would be like... Leaving this world, what do I leave behind…? I don't wanna hurt anybody but I don't wanna hurt no more. Tears always falling down my cheek, I feel every single one like a knife cutting through my skin... to laugh is something I’ve forgotten... Not even my fake smile can fool me anymore... I need to cry… I need to run just as far as I can… I need to calm down but I’ve already run out of ideas how.
princessMIAlove2 princessMIAlove2
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 4, 2010

Message me if you need to talk.

i'm giving u a well needed hug right now. u cry until u can cry no more. i'm here for u anytime. i'm shirley. please don't give up.