School And It's Beautiful Problems

So, today we were brainstorming persuasive essays in english and all of them were about "issues" of some sort and one of which was family issues.

Obviously there are alot of family issues in the world that aren't exactly brought into view because of the brutality of the truth.

It's really upsetting to us though because the issues are free to speak about, and yet rejected because they are "innapropriate" or "harsh"
Is it as harsh as coming home to a drunken abusive father and a neglectful mother every day?

It's not wrong to speak about the problems in homes, not the siblings rivalry the yearn for freedom for teens, or "I do it myself" stuff. It's the things that are legitimately HARD to talk about.
That's why they avoid it in school, in public.
If we're going to get an education, and learn about the world, to be prepared for it, we ought to know the horrors that it can contain.

Today I suggested Abusive households as a problem in faimies, because IT IS, and my teacher rejected the idea because if I wrote about it, they would suspect my family was abusive (which isn't EXACTLY the case)

We seriously shouldn't protect the idea that the world is perfect, what we should do is inform the young adults of the world, and teach them how to deal with it.
Lots of people are going to say that this is something that parents should teach their children.

What would they teach you if they didn't even take the time to remember your name, or your birthday?

The world is cruel, and protecting young adults from it isn't going to make it any better, it will spawn generations of nieve children who make mistakes, may not always learn from them and repeat those mistakes.

I'm simply saying, we shouldn't protect them, or shield them, we should inform them, and teach them how to help the world.

what was that saying?
"You shouldn't teach someone not to get raped, but you should teach them not to rape."
It can be applied to ANYTHING, not jst sexual abuse, litterally anything.

~The Siblings
ThoseInterpreted ThoseInterpreted
13-15, F
Sep 17, 2012