I'm new to this but here it goes. I've been married to a man that takes everything from me and is always unhappy about something! I don't even know where to start. I have 3 kids and he has 1 and we have 1 together. His family is way over involved in his and his sons life and makes me feel like I am nothing. Even though I am the stepmom. Not to mention that he has no desire to work! I work 2 jobs and raise the 4 kids at home while he complains that he had to watch them during the day. My ex still partially supports us since we were together for 10 yrs and have kids together. My ex can work he says he's tired of doing it and refuses to even try even though he could make some quick money in a weekend and I could work less or take less from my ex which has been a godsend but I feel so selfish and guilty still taking from him!

He's always complaining about the house and my kids and my work. It seems like everything is a fight. He's only happy when I'm doing something for him. He screams at me and my kids all the time and says horrible really nasty things to me and to them. I can't leave because I'm afraid he will try to fight me for our child and while his family has money I don't so it scares the crap out of me. Nothing I say will motivate him to get off his ***. After working 12-16 hr days I'm expected to come home and clean and cook and give him a break! He only "communicates" with me via text and it's always everyone else's fault NEVER his. He threatens me with divorce all the time. I'm not allowed to see my friends or go anywhere without him.

I love this man but I hate the behaviors. They got much worse after we got married and had a kid. To make matters worse his ex is a pyscho that uses the kid as leverage and puts him at risk and nobody cares!! He should've been mine. I lost our baby at three months and we ended up breaking up and he hooked up with her and she got pregnant the first time! So while we've been back together since he was 3 weeks old I'm a nobody in this kids life. Even though our kids our siblings and he calls me mommy. I feel so alone and unhappy but I go through the motions every day. I'm so isolated and my kids are tired of it. They act out and yes I understand that dealing with step kids that are teens is very hard but my kids have never really had a dad and really were open to the idea. He just never gave them a real chance. Now they can't stand the sight of him and are happier when he's not around cause nobody knows what mood he will be in. I just needed to let this all out somewhere he won't see. I'm sorry it's so long. Story of my life though. I'm always sorry :(
worthlessinlove worthlessinlove
36-40, F
Aug 25, 2014