Losing A Friend

I don't really know where to start or really what to say, but I'll try my best. So, there was this guy (I know this already sounds stupid) that I was a casual friend with. We met when I was in grade 10 and he was in grade 11. He was a mutual friend with a couple of other guys I knew from the year before when I was enrolled in a grade 10 course to get an extra credit and a head academically. We never texted or talked outside of school and knew nothing about each other but we would talk in school and say hi to each other. Other then that, we were just acquaintances. I'm in grade 11 now and he is in grade 12. He and his girlfriend of 2 years had broken up. He messaged me on Facebook one day about a status I made and eventually we exchanged numbers. Instantly we began talking pretty privately about things that we didn't usually share with other people because we were very comfortable with one another. And eventually, corresponding with previous conversation, he asked me to "send him pictures". I am in no way or form that kind of girl. I haven't even had my first kiss! I'm a goody two shoes. Of course I didn't send him pictures. But we were continuously flirty and cute and he would go on to ask me two more times the same question and he was rejected each time. He began actually caring about what I talked about and was interested in my likes and dislikes and we eventually found we had ALOT in common. He also went on to admit that he was, at first, only talking to me to get over his ex. I had already suspected that from the beginning and it didn't bug me. He went on to explain that he thought I was actually really cool and that he was actually starting to like me. The feeling wasn't mutual and he knew that, but informed me I was worth working for. I liked that. But as time went by we developed a huge friendship and we agreed that it would be best to stay friends. Mind you this was in a period of about 3 months. We hung out constantly as friends with 0 awkwardness or tension. We even talked about being married in the future to different people and going to each others houses for BBQs! It was awesome! But then he started talking to his ex again and were getting closer than before. She found out about how we were best friends and basically decided to hate me. I did nothing wrong. I even told her that I had no reason not to like her even though she didn't like me and she hates me more. She told my friend that and he texted me saying that she doesn't want us being friends and it would have to be a secret or some **** like that and I got pissed but we made up. It just not the same now when we talk. It's so different. I was usually the one saying goodnight and he was texting me first but now it's the opposite. We talk everyday the whole day but now its been every couple days for a couple minutes. We are not close anymore because of this chick and the retarded part is they aren't even dating! She was jealous of how close we were getting and started talking to him again. It's so stupid and I'm really depressed about it. I want to talk to him about it but I dot know what's safe to say anymore. It's awful and it feels like I've lost a best friend...
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Sorry for such a late response, I literally just joined today. I'm sorry you feel like you've lost a friend, but unfortunately every woman goes through that at some point in life. I agree with luv2benude, he was simply using/rebounding you while he was "getting over" his ex. Seeing as this is almost a year later, I would assume all is well! Nice story.


Forget him, he doesn't know what he wants. He does want you to fill in when he had no one else but forget him and smiles will come. You have lots of time to find that right one, just wait and being a good two shoes will be the blessing that you never thought you had.