American Dream? More Like Nightmare.

I grew up in the middle of Baltimore City since I was born in 1986. From what I gather, we lived in a very small apartment. Then we moved to a large apartment, which I remember and have some of the best memories in, including the birth of my little sister. Then my mother and father worked hard, and eventually moved into their own house when I was about 12. Again, I remember it well and have some even better memories there. We got tired of the city and moved to Pennsylvania, and it was a great change of pace. My parents had everything going for them. Nice house, good work ethic (which is the best thing my father ever taught me), decent money, 2 decent kids (one of them working), and a great relationship between families. Then the success story takes an awful turn. My mother, of whom was married to my father for 20 years, decides to cheat and walk out on my father, leaving him with a house he couldn't afford. I was 22 at the time, and just about to move out of the damn house. Me, being the person I am, immediately stepped in and got on the mortgage so we could keep the house, and most importantly allow my sister to finish school in a decent school system. After a few months, and finally adjusting to my mother leaving, my dog dies. Some may say "Oh boohoo, it's just an animal." Bullshit, I raised my puppy since she was weeks old until she was 14. One of the only things I had left to look forward to when I got home, suddenly wasn't there anymore. I lost another family member. I slowly began to cope with the loss of my dog after about 2 months. Some sense of normalcy returns and something even better happens. Me and my father both lose out jobs in the same month! We find slight relief in unemployment, while at the same time scrambling to modify our mortgage to make the payments. We manage to save our house, and yet again some sense of normalcy returns. Just when you thought things couldn't get any better, unemployment benefits for my father, as of about 4 days ago, cease to exist because out government can't pass a bill that should have been passed 2 months ago. Now we'll probably lose the house if we both can't find jobs within maybe a couple weeks. Want to know what the best part about it all is? My mother swears she left everything behind for us, and continues to want to hang out with me while acting like everything is great despite the fact that she initiated a chain of events that for the most part... ruined what life I had, rendered me mentally unstable and emotionally stressed for probably the rest of my life. Thank you.
insaine2k insaine2k
Jul 20, 2010