Can It Really Be All In My Head?

I was a healthy kid, a little chunky but not obese. I did gymnastics, played the piano, climbed trees, all that stuff. I'm 37 now and have chronic pain that has been getting worse and worse for the past 6 years, and no doctor has been able to explain what's wrong with me, or find anything that makes me feel better. Mostly it's my hip joints and lower back (sciatica) but I also have random and constantly changing pain in my other joints, hands, shoulders, feet, in my muscles (weakness and achiness). I've been to several specialists, rheumatologists, neurologists, had so many tests, MRI, bone scan, ultrasound, etc and they say there's nothing wrong with me physically. How then can I be in so much pain? I've tried every non-narcotic drug under the sun, they won't give me narcotics, but nothing works. They haven't come right out and said it's in my head, but it's been insinuated a lot... I have done a lot of research, and thought maybe it was fibromayalgia, but my doctor says definitely not. But yet the last drug he threw at me was Lyrica, which is used to treat fibro! Of course that didn't work either, just made me tired, swoloen, mentally confused and 10 lbs heavier. Great. I'm just so angry with all of them. I feel like I'm just a paycheque to them, no one ever follows up, they never look at the file once I'm gone. If I were to jump off a bridge out of pain and frustration tomorrow, they'd probably just assume I got better, or decided to stop complaining about nothing, they'd never know I gave up trying.
ExAssPirated ExAssPirated
36-40, F
Jul 27, 2010