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I wrote a letter and I want to share it.

I am trying to spread word that while pets can be great companions and really loving, they can also cause harm.
That video is pretty well known, the comments made by many viewers irks me very much, the fact that people are threatening the two police officers involved made me want to get word out that not all dogs are cute and cuddly.
I think that since dogs have been domesticated and that many are kind and well trained, that people don’t understand the difference between an animal and a fellow human.
Some examples of this are comments made on this video….
“I hope those cops die a slow..painful..death.”
“maybe we should shoot the guy and ask him how he feels”
“those police officer's need to be put down”
“How bout we shoot those cops in the head for being serious ********.”

And of course a bunch more that are very colorful…
“**** these ****** *****, any1 live in missouri, rape these faggits”
“That dumbass, brainless filthy piece of ****! That man deserves to have his badge taken off him, thrown in Jail and stay there until he dies. He deserves MUCH more than that, but I'm not even gonna go there. I am so pissed off right now.”

While I understand your sympathy for the dog, I suggest you go out and get all the facts before sentencing two humans to a cruel death over the death of an animal.
One side of the story:
Other side:
I am more supportive of the Hannibal article, even though biased, they give you a background of the events and what happened.

One of the greatest misconceptions that I have ever seen is that when a dog wags its tail, that means that it is happy. Many viewers saw the dog in the previous video wag its tail and took that as a sign of the dog being friendly. This is another example:
In that video there is a dog clearly being possessive over a shoe. She is growling and pulling away from the owner’s hand, but the owner thinks the dog is just playing since her tail is wagging.
I really love dogs, but I also know that they can be dangerous.

My best friend’s dog is amazing! Her name is Athena and she has a truly wonderful temperament. I have slept over my friends house many times and once I woke up to Athena laying down on my head (she is a medium sized dog). I was laughing after I shoved her off and she immediately decided to lick my face. Her calm personality often showed when she was around my best friend’s youngest sibling. He used to pull her tail and fur and just generally act like a little boy and annoy her. Athena would usually just dump him and walk away, never showing any temper and never snapping at him. He harassed the poor dog ALL THE TIME. Whenever someone noticed, they would immediately intervene and admonish him. I heard her growl at him once, this shocked me since I had only heard her growl at random animals that she wanted to chase around. Basically I’m talking about Athena since I wanted to show how much I really value a great pet. I have 2 cats, my parents were never interested in getting a dog so I eventually became a cat person.

I am a bit scared of dogs though. When I was about 8, two of our neighbors came over with their German Sheppard. While I was practicing cartwheels with my sister, the dog ran up to me and I ended up with a cut lip from one of its teeth. Since I was mid-cartwheel at the time, I don’t really know how the dog got there, but I was really scared of dogs for a few years. Eventually I got bigger and dogs didn't seem like such a bit threat anymore, but I still am scared of any dog who gets near my face. About the German Sheppard, this dog was very sweet. I don't really remember much since it was so long ago, but I'm pretty sure he/she was just trying to play. It really wouldn't have been an issue if I wasn't so small.

Basically, I wanted to suggest that people out there learn more about their pets! I know that the tail wagging rule applies for both cats and dogs, but I am more knowledgeable about cats.
Some things you might not know about cats:
Purring normally means that a cat is happy, but sometimes it means that the cat is sick or upset. Flattened ears is part of the aggressive state, this is easier to notice since it is usually accompanied by hissing and bared teeth. A change in attitude or behavior, such as extremely unfortunate "accidents" in your house probably means that a cat is sick, TAKE THEM TO A VET!
Cats love to be pet, but it is not uncommon for a cat to bite you if it decides it has been pet enough. Overstimulation can happen if you pet a cat too much, if a cat bites you while you are petting them, just stop and move away.

Not enough people spend enough time learning about their pets, while they are so great to have people seem to forget that they are simply animals. My father actually tried to convince me once that my cat could understand what he was saying. I am sure that almost every pet owner I know would mourn for years if they lost their beloved animals.

Ahhh. I feel better. Now remember: Cats and dogs are not human, they don't think and act the way we do so you have to go the extra mile to appease them. Not all animals are loving creatures, if they have been treated badly, they will often become ill-tempered and dangerous.
KingaLove KingaLove
Aug 8, 2010