Not Good Enough?? Excuse Me!!

Let me just go stright to it! If you are ******* with someone that you don't wanna be with and you rather have some other ***** then why the fukc are you with me!? If you want that other **** mother ****** then go with her. Dont ******* be with me. It aint fair when you talk about her all the god damn time. It hurts me so much when you jsut spill out everything about her. How the **** do you think that makes me feel? When you are obviously still in love with your ugly slutty ex girlfriend!? Yeah that hurts me so much it makes me cry it makes me want to kill myself it really does. When you make me feel like I am not pretty enough or sexy enough for you! Well you know what? I may not be good for you, but I will be good enough to walk out that door! You say you wanna **** me well then isnt that nice? And when you all of a sudden say some bullshit about that other girl what the hell???? Why dont you just go **** her! Instead of bringing my hopes up!! Dont hurt me more *** hole!! You know what??? Go **** that other *****! **** her so hard I hope she bleeds! And I hope you have the best time of your ******* life. I hope you guys ******* die today! Cause I wont be around no I wont. I dont deserve this. No I dont. You dont even care how I feel. I know you dont. You dont care, cause the only thing you care about is imagining and ************ to that other *****!!!!! **** YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1 Response Mar 2, 2008

Thanx anyway...=]