I Just Dont Understand

I don't understand why I start out good friend with people but then within a few months or less then don't want anything to do with my. my roommate and I got along well- I took her to France with me- but now she keeps all of her stuff separate and says I use her stuff (only useD her hair dryer and straightner that she said I could use and I stopped when she randomly decided it wasn't ok any more) i finally called her out on it and she said that I used her stuff and that I broke two pairs of her shoes- only one of which I ever wore (and I even said I would pay for both to try to smooth things over) and that we had such different personalityies- which Im not so sure about. We were fine when I took her to France with me. And this just isnt the first time something like this has happened- in fact it happens all the time- people get along with me really really well for a month and then just break all contact. I dont get it and it is really wearing on me. So now I don't know how I am going to get a new roommate come march... everyone else already has their situation sorted and no one wants to live with me and I dont knwo what I am going to
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I feel so the same, give give give which is fine then when you stop people disappear. I guess some of us give too much and people expect it and leave because we are not focusing all our attention on them or maybe it is too smothering. I don't know really don't.

i feel that way too.. Im the type of person who will give the time of day to anyone (except a salesman) and no-one bothers to even say "Hi, How u doin?" i have over 250 friends on facebook but i only talk to 2... ????? how is that? <br />
<br />
It's one of life's mysteries... and i believe i may have passed my expirey date.. bummer!

I know where your coming from. It's like I have an expirary date.<br />
It's one of life's mysteries...