Where to Begin

You ever get this feeling like you want to vent. Or that you need to vent in order for the day to be over with in some what of a decent manner. The only problem is .... you don't know what to start venting about because your thoughts are just all over the place. You want to vent about everything but where the hell do you begin is what throws you off. You want to start with one topic but you are thinking about some other topic because it is just as important, and you want to start with one topic because you might forget the other one. And then once you start on one topic who knows, but you might get side tracked and go off on tangent talking about another topic, thus leaves you with some other just as important topic that you can no longer go back to because that would mean you have to backtrack and forget about what you were just talking about. Then you go all crazy wondering if you already made your point and vented enough about one topic or if there was any point to saying anything about it at all. See ... now I got myself confused .........
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6 Responses Mar 29, 2007

You are so right! grrrrrrrr! when my mind gets that way it doesn't take much to get to a point where I want to rip someone's head off!!!!!1

I seem to need to vent a lot about my father issues. My dad left when i was little for a new family and it still hurts on the inside. i miss him but he never will show back up to me.. it sucks alot

thats why going through reading and commenting on everybody elses venting helps too lol ya kind of remember what p!s$ed ya off after a few stories

yes and sometimes i feel so little... thats when i want the floor to open and sollow me up.<br />
after all that has crossed my mind, i question myself. am i that important. was i even in the room. this ton of bricks fal on my shoulders. and "it hurts". especialy when one is there with someone.

YES YES and YES... i need to vent... infact RIGHT NOW !!

Vent: Hell nobodyelse has the balls to! I dont have a probelm, Go for it!I some times feel the urge to vent myslf but nobody is out there to listen to me! Always onedge39