My Family's Total Lack Of Trust.

I'm a good kid, I'm not perfect, but lets face it, no one is. My parents treat me like a delinquent. I'll be studying in the living room and the phone will ring, I'll yell "Will you get that please?" and they'll begin interrogating me about why I'm not studying because they misheard me. Or I'll be in the kitchen getting a snack and I'll accidentally press a button on the oven as I'm reaching for something and my Mother will explode in a fit of anger asking me why I'm cooking something. Once last summer I was home alone (Something I do everyday mind you) and my Mother calls me 5 times in 3 hours asking me questions like 'What time did you get up?" Did you floss?" "Did you feed the dog" and I'll answer exasperatedly "8am, yes and yes." and shell hang up only to call again 15 minutes later. And just today I was at work, My shift ended at 6:30 (when we close) but I couldn't't leave right away because a few people were still shopping, my Father comes barging into the store on a rampage to find me and make sure I'm still their and not skipping. I know they love me and are just alittle overprotective but it just makes me so mad. I've never done anything to void their trust and they treat me like I'm some type of delinquent. 5just wish they'd trust me just a bit. I really am a good child, I'm 15 have been working for almost a year, I make great grades, participate in extra curricular but still my parents just can't trust me.

Tl;DR, My parents dont trust me for no reason.
frustratedbyparentals frustratedbyparentals
May 21, 2012