Im At My Breaking Point.

dealing with anxiety and depression for 3 years and just can't take it. i've finally told my family & my mom is taking me to a counselor soon. she doesn't believe in medication because im only a 17 year old girl. this makes me scared because i literally feel so hopeless and i feel that nobody can help me. im too screwed up.

im a senior and i have no friends in my classes, i sit alone all day..which makes my depression and anxiety worse. i tired to change my schedule but my guidance counselor said i can't. i have self image issues and eating problems. im very down and i feel like im the shittiest looking 17 year old girl on this planet.

i want to get better i do. but im so mentally sick right now and im not going to be able to receive proper help.

if i died today i wouldn't even care. infact i wish i could. the only reason why i don't try to kill myself every day is because of the sadness my family/friends would deal with after im dead.
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1 Response Sep 5, 2012

You certainly have an honorable reason for not committing suicide. I would certainly advise against that. I know how you feel, though. Throughout middle/high school I only had one friend and they remain my friend to this day, I met this person on the internet, actually. I have never met them in person, I have not heard their actual voice, but they still were able to save my life and give me hope. I know it is really hard in high school, but if you go to college people ARE kinder and aren't as horrible as they may have acted in high school. If you choose not to go to college or can't go immediately it will be okay either way. It is very important to be able to vent and discuss these problems with someone. I know it is very difficult to speak about these problems with family members, but at least you have us--the internet and all of those that DO care and DO want you to be happy. You are fairly anonymous on the internet and on a board like this people are here to least I am.
I'm sure you're sick of hearing this, but everything will be okay, just give it some time and patience and someone will help you, whether it be me or someone you can trust more. There will always be someone who will listen and I believe you found the right place.

first, i just want to thank you for reading this. that's exactly how i feel about internet friends. i have a lot of people i talk to on twitter, youtube, experience project, and yahoo answers. i feel as if they aren't strangers, they are able to help me more than anyone in my real life can. they care more, oddly enough. i hope that you are right about college. i feel that i am too mature for stupid HS drama and i want no part in it. thank you for commenting..i really appreciate it. it helps me feel better when people comment and help me on my stories. thanks so much.