Just Need To Vent

Just need a place to vent.

Well this was a eventful week and weekend that took a turn for the worst. I found out i got a F in econ . Poor me tear tear. haha , my ex boyfriend found out of my online 'relationship' with mr spain, totally freaked . well , im having thoughts about seeing my dad next year but i will deal with that when time comes. Im breakin out, my face looks like jack ****. Im officially single(dont hit on me) ihave this girl as a rebound who really like sme i knoe shame on me, im fighting my addiction of cutting for 6 years , im battling my eating to much habit again, my sister is sick , school is nada but work >,<
I have to take care of my liddo sis, my athritis has been hurting my hands alot latley. Its all getting to me now an didk wit to do but iguess time will tell . . .
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1 Response Sep 10, 2012

Cheer up my friend, another day tomorrow, make it a good one!