My Sister Lies And It's All My Fault.

I have a little sister that likes to lie a lot. My parents even know her to be a constant liar. They were just yelling at her for her newest of lies when she tells a complete lie to get the focus off of her and onto me. She says that I make fun of her at school. I go to a Middle/High school and they run on different schedules so I don't even see her at all because she's in middle school. We even leave the house at different times so there'd be no way for me to even bully her if I wanted to. But, my parents now snapped at me and said they are cancelling the internet and that I'm a horrible person and a bully and anything else they could think of while she got off scotch free and I'm being yelled at for a lie. I told them that how could they even trust a liar to tell the truth and how we don't even see each other at all throughout the day. Arggh! Sometimes I wish I could die. I hate my family, all my friends know the truth about my sister but my parents choose her over me. I could keep going on but I still have to actually finish my homework unlike my sister who claims to not have any when I know she does. I hate it. I might just end up killing her one day out of frustration. You don't know how much I try to not kill her but she sure as hell is pushing me. I just need someone to talk to. Please, anyone. My life is becoming a hell.
MissCin101 MissCin101
18-21, F
Sep 17, 2012