please read Cop Killer in UK September 2012 everybody is shocked RIP for 2 Women

this was a couple of days ago in Manchester , North West England Britain whatever u want to call it

A nasty horrible piece of work decided to place a prank call to the Police , he said there was a burglary in progress at a certain address , so they sent two Women Police Officers out in a car to the suspected"burglary" of course when they got to the said address there was no burglary, only for this man to come outside from the house and shoot them dead in a hail of 13 bullets and throw a grenade at their Police car. it was cold blooded and planned by the killer who then went into a Police station and gave himself up.He was some low life 29 on the run from Police drugs wotever

what does the UK have to do to get the death penalty for an act like this???
if this happenned in the States they would be on death row but not in soft England
1 girl was 32 and the other was 23 great advert for Britain eh?
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Sep 19, 2012