No One Cares...i doubt they ever will.

I went to the gym today after swim practice in my one piece because i was too lazy to grab my bakini. There were two guys in there one was ollld n he other one was maybe 40's idk. I had headphones in listening to Oomph a german rock back listening to Labrynth and Sandman the guy (40 yr old) started talking about nuts, the genital, and swearing anout how rediculous kids are takeing up the pools. I got irritated and turned my music up all the way n he just bamged on the wall n layed down n id glance over once in a while instead of texing. He kept streching out near my leg and id glare. I got creeped out and the older guy legt, the guy sat up n stayed in the corner n i think kept talking. A couple came in, who i recognised were my friends parents , they didnt recognise me but the guy quit. I left to cool off n went back and he was still there he left n so did the couple a few minutes after. I got too warm and went to the hot tub n seen he qas in it but i ignored him n sat in the corner of the hot tub n he kept making he water splash n id open qn eye n look n hed quit n then id close my eye again n just look at the cieling n he kept doing it n he got close to me n i sat up n locked my ankled together cuz i was nervous n he splashed me n i ihore him n he sighed n got out. I didnt see him again cuz i left the gym after that. I told my sister my mom and my bf and they didnt ask if i was ok or anything. They didnt care. They just changed the subject like it was made up. I'm still like on edge... i dont know right now just i know no one cares... idk if i should put this in venting or i need help. He did touch my thigh though... i dont know what to do.
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I'll tell my dad, he's a goverment worker. Where do you live? like what state? or if you like in say Canada what province?

USA Pennsylvania, thats all i'm gonna say for where i am.

Still you should call up someone and give them a description.

All i know is he was sorta short for a guy n he had a really stupid maybe 90's tribal tattoo on his left arm.

What a gross perv! You should report him.

I didnt know who he was and i didnt see him after he left and i was truthfully terrified.