Can't Make Her Happy

My friend is having a vow renewal ceremony at the end of June 2013. This renewal is going to be like an actual wedding with all the bells and whistles because it was a very small ceremony when she got married for real.
She is being a total Bridezilla!!!
The latest of her ideas for her wedding is because all the bridesmaids dresses she is picking out are way expensive, she wants me to MAKE the bridesmaids dresses.
What on Earth makes her think I can sew a formal dress?? I’m not a seamstress. I have never sewn one before. I can sew decently, but only things like…pajamas, tops, curtains, pillows, blankets, patch jobs…. Basic stuff.
And I know that as ‘perfect’ as she wants everything I know that if I screw it up it’ll be my head. Plus, I really don’t need that extra amount of stress added to my pile during this time of year.
Right after that she wanted to meet her somewhere. I couldn’t because I had plans with my husbands’ parents.
So because I wouldn’t drop everything to go see her she’s even more upset with me.
She thinks I’m not being excited enough for her, that I’m not making myself available enough, and that I’m being mean because I’m shooting every dress idea she has down.

First off, I didn’t even get excited about my OWN wedding six months ago. I’m not an overly emotional person. I just wanted to get it done and have a big party afterwards. So, what makes her think I’d get super excited for a vow renewal? Also, I’ve only been married SIX MONTHS!!! I’m still enjoying my new marriage. Excuse me for not getting wrapped up in yours you’ve had for 10 years.
Second, December is a hectic and stressful month for me already (8 parties, 5 I’m baking for, 2 birthdays, 2 families I take Christmas photos for, and Roller Derby practices start back up) and I told her I wouldn’t be available a lot this month. Plus, she’ll have plenty of time for craziness after the New Years.
Lastly, I’m not shooting down every dress because I don’t like them, I’m shooting them down because they are way out of budget. Just because she wants to blow a fortune on this ceremony doesn’t mean I can or want to.


Am I just being a total meanie? Or is she just being insane?
Natesbabydoll Natesbabydoll
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She sounds ccccrrrraaaazzzzyyyyt