I am a teen so drama happens but latley i feel that my mom is getting mad at me for the silliest things,leaving the hael of the bread or walking outof my room after bedtime but today she crossed a line i was joking wiht my friends and all of a sudden she comes in andstarts saying diffrent versionsof my name now i get a little upset and she dosentstop but whatever.When we get home she says really you just had to draw MORE attention to yourself.OMG then she went out and bought a new pair of i go on lots of camping trips and i need boots wiht boots dont have liners. she buys boots with liners and that are taller she says i can use them for camping but i go to try them on a she freaks out about how my boots are fine.they are waterbproof she says its my fault because my teachers told me to walk out in snow and it was deep snow that went over the wterproof stuff.She says thats my fault i try to tell her but NO little miss perfect.What can i do help me this is not hte first time.
*Sorry for spelling and grammer*
fluffyrabbit101 fluffyrabbit101
13-15, F
Dec 5, 2012