I Think I'm Sick Or Something's Pretty Wrong With Me

well, i just got off a really really messy relationship, and i feel like i'm completely over it.
i dare even say i'm getting to feel something for another guy.
this guy, he... well, he's not the handsomest guy ever, but he's also not a bit ugly.
i met him in a point here in my town, where a bunch of other people go to smoke and have some fun, meet some people, whatever when i was still dating my ex, but i was there waiting for him to come.
he came to speak to me, cuz he knew my ex, and said he described me perfectly for him, or something.
well, we started being friends, like, hanging out whenever i went to that point and whatever. and we kept bumping into each other like, a lot, and i found out he lives in the same city as i (for we live in the surrounding cities of a big metropolis)
well, after a while, i broke up with this ex of mine, cuz he hit me and broke all my stuff with a hammer.
after that, i think a day or 2 after my ex had really realized i didn't want him anymore (he had trouble believing it, cuz heeeeee was crazy, afterall he broke all my stuff).
well, then, that friday, 2 days after i had really "got rid" of him, i went to this college party with some friends.
there i met this guy. well, i got high, drunk and suddenly i couldn't stop thinking about that guy,
my friends even tried to stop me, but he came after me, and we kissed, and then we... had sex.
well, we're still seeing each other. we haven't had sex since that day, but we're going to a fancy hotel and will do it tomorrow.

he lost his virginity to me, he says.

and i don't know why, but i think i'm falling for him.

i must be sick. but i can't stop thinking of him, his smooth skin, his eyes, his hands... the fact that he looks a loooot younger than he actually is...
don't worry guys, this is legal, he's like 20, and the legal age here is 18 :3
and i'm 23, so i'm not that older I guess. but i was always into younger guys, like obsessed lol
queengjc queengjc
22-25, F
Dec 6, 2012