Some Men Not All Men

Here we ******* go again
Just going round in this big ******* circle and what for?
For **** sake
Why did I even like that guy? Why did I even trust the ****
He comes into my yard and just ****** me off
Then I meet him again because I like him...
Ooooo shiiiit
I figured it out
Anyone who I like or gives me butterflies is wrong somehow
That feeling is wrong
It shouldn't be allowed
Like the feeling you get before you tell a lie
Like that feeling of getting away with something
That's the same feeling that I get
So I'm guessing its not right?
It's wrong to like somebody because all that ever happens when I like somebody is they turn into a horrible bastard
Actual f ing bastard
Writing me off before I have even spoken
Before he even knows me
He just wanted sex
And when he never got it he flipped
Asking if I was unintelligent?? What the actual fuckkkk
Telling me not to get angry as I'm too pretty to get angry. When a bus nearly hit my car
Riggggght so I'm suppose to be this trophy who has no emotions who sits and shines like a ******* trophy?
Talk about giving me a complex
These below average looking characters getting gassed off there own hype
Your dead food to me
Do you get it? Dead food
TigerfireAir TigerfireAir
26-30, F
Dec 12, 2012